You Cant Handle the Truth


Duration: 40 minutes

1-6 people 

Current escape rate 28%


Ready to try something DIFFERENT?
This 40 minute room has 18 puzzles,1 lock and no keys!

A secret American society claims to know the answers to many secrets of the universe. These answers are contained in a document known only as “The Truth”.  Puzzles have been located all over the world and brought here to our secret facility, for you, the brightest puzzle minds around, to solve. The secret society has  discovered that these puzzles are missing and have figured out where our facility is. An enforcer is on the way and we expect him to arrive in just 40 minutes to reclaim their items.

When the alarm sounds you must leave the room or be captured by the enforcer.  There will be no walk throughs given in this room. If you wish to know “The Truth” you will need to return to the room and try again from the beginning or choose to live the rest of your days without knowing!!

Please note: Truth seekers less than 48″ tall may not be tall enough to do all puzzles.