The Lab

You are a doctor involved in medical research. You, along with other research doctors from universities all  over the world, have come for a tour of our research lab. Our lab is devoted to the study of deadly viruses in an effort to make the world a safer place. You enter the lab only to find that the recently fired, and quite unstable, Dr. Duvarie Little has trapped you in the lab  with a bomb. Now all of the visiting doctors must disarm the bomb in order to save the world from a devastating release of the deadly viruses.

WARNING: There is a very realistic looking bomb in this room. This room is not recommended for those that would object to the presence of said “bomb” or persons with: PTSD, Severe anxiety, a pacemaker, or photosensitive epilepsy. If you have concerns about any of these issues please call BEFORE booking. We are aware that this statement makes this room more appealing to some. Please be aware that this room is best for experienced players. Please book the office or our 20 minute room to gain experience before stepping up to this challenge, everyone will enjoy this experience more with a little experience under their belt.

4-10 people   (minimum 4 people)